Prosecutors demand that Sam Bankman-Fried be restricted from using the Internet

U.S. Attorney's Office Says Internet and Gadget Restrictions for Founder of Bankrupt Crypto Exchange FTX Are Too Soft. Prosecutors sent a letter to the court with a request to tighten the ban.

In a letter to District Judge Lewis Kaplan, Attorney Damian Williams stressed that founder Sam Bankman-Fried continues to play online games under house arrest.. Williams considers the punishment insufficient – now Bankman-Fried is only prohibited from using certain mobile applications. Whereas the use of mobile phones, tablets, computers and the Internet should be completely banned, except in very limited cases.

“There is already evidence that the defendant is motivated to circumvent monitoring and find loopholes in the existing bail conditions. Wider restrictions on smartphone, tablet, computer and web use, with a few exceptions, would be the right course.

The prosecutor's office proposes to leave the businessman the opportunity to use gadgets only to view court documents, communicate with lawyers and use e-mail.

Bankman-Fried has previously said that he loves computer games and now plays often, as it allows him to “relax and clear his head”. However, if the judge approves the new restrictions, the FTX co-founder will have to forget about his beloved League of Legends and other video games.

Earlier, the prosecutor's office accused Sam Bankman-Fried of trying to influence witnesses. Later, he promised not to use encrypted messengers for communication.