‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Kiyosaki Warns of Global Economic Depression

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Kiyosaki Warns of Global Economic Depression

Renowned author Robert Kiyosaki, famed for his bestseller “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has issued a dire warning of a looming global economic depression. Kiyosaki’s latest post unveils an interesting economic metric — the Cardboard Box Index — which he claims is crashing, signaling a worrisome downturn in consumer goods production.

This unconventional index is utilized by some investors to forecast future manufacturing trends based on the production of cardboard boxes commonly used in packaging and shipping.

While experts caution against relying solely on the Cardboard Box Index due to its inherent volatility, they acknowledge its potential when used in conjunction with other indicators. Kiyosaki’s emphasis on this index underscores his concern over a possible slowdown in manufacturing, prompting him to advise followers to take immediate action.


As usual, Kiyosaki suggests alternative havens for wealth amid the economic turmoil. Beyond his customary endorsement of gold and silver, he advocates for BTC and highlights the potential approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs.

CARDBOARD BOX INDEX crashing. Shoppers stopped shopping. That means global economy slowing to possible Depression. Treasury wnd Fed to print trillions in fake dollars to replace shoppers. Buy gold, silver, Bitcoin. Gold price rising. Silver still cheap approx $35 an ounce. Or Buy…

— Robert Kiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) November 29, 2023

Notably, no such ETF applications have been approved to date, but market participants anticipate BlackRock and Grayscale applications gaining approval, possibly by January 2024.

However, Kiyosaki faces dissent from some followers advising against ETFs. Opponents argue in favor of acquiring Bitcoin and safeguarding it in cold storage as a more secure strategy.

As the world watches for signals of economic stability or further turbulence, Kiyosaki’s warning gives his followers a sense of urgency.

The intersection of a unique economic metric and unconventional financial advice makes the renowned author’s latest proclamation a captivating narrative in the broader context of global economic concerns.