Riot Platforms & Reformed Energy seek to redefine Bitcoin mining energy

Riot Platforms and Reformed Energy are joining forces to revolutionize the Bitcoin mining industry’s approach to energy consumption. This strategic partnership aims to harness the power of Reformed Energy’s groundbreaking plasma gasification technology, which converts landfill waste into carbon-neutral energy, to fuel Riot’s Bitcoin mining operations.

Reformed Energy’s innovative solution not only addresses waste management challenges but also significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. By converting municipal solid waste and other garbage into synthesis gas, the technology reduces landfill waste by 90% and prevents over 99% of methane emissions typically associated with conventional waste disposal methods.

The versatile gas produced through this process can be used to generate sustainable power and produce synthetic fuels, including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). This collaboration marks a major milestone in Riot Platforms’ mission to lead the infrastructure supporting Bitcoin mining. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the cryptocurrency mining sector.

Jason Les, CEO of Riot Platforms, highlights the importance of this partnership, emphasizing that the carbon-neutral and cost-effective energy generated by Reformed Energy’s technology showcases how Bitcoin mining can drive the development of renewable energy sources and foster innovation.

Riot Platforms’ leadership is dedicated to establishing a direct, renewable, and environmentally friendly energy source for their upcoming mining facilities. With this collaboration, Riot Platforms aims to position itself as a market leader in sustainable Bitcoin mining, leveraging technology to address environmental challenges and explore renewable energy alternatives.

This high-profile partnership will contribute to the sustainability of Bitcoin mining while setting a precedent for the technology industry’s responsibility to promote environmental stewardship. The establishment of a pilot site through this collaboration will solidify Riot Platforms and Reformed Energy as prominent players in the conversion of waste materials into fuels and electricity, with potential for widespread replication.

Riot Platforms envisions complete commercialization of its revolutionary plasma gasification technology, with the pilot site serving as a demonstration and training center for organizations interested in adopting Reformed Energy’s technology.

Edward Evenson, CEO of Reformed Energy, believes that this investment will act as a crucial catalyst for the initial expansion strategy of his company. He explains that their technology generates synthesis gas with multiple applications and provides a sustainable means of waste reduction at landfills.

Reformed Energy Inc., known for its efficiency and scalability, is an energy waste management company headquartered in Houston, Texas. It operates manufacturing and engineering facilities across the United States.