Ripple CTO Breaks Silence on AMM Amendment Delay: Details

Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer, David Schwartz, has finally spoken out about the recent delay in the activation of the Automated Market Maker (AMM) amendment on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). The AMM amendment, which was set to add automated market maker capabilities to the XRPL, faced setbacks after some validators withdrew their support due to a bug discovered during integration testing by RippleX.

Schwartz acknowledged the setback and expressed his thoughts on the matter. He stated that granting an extra week or two would be necessary to allow sufficient time for upgrades and to avoid blocking too many nodes. This comment came in response to a tweet by Schwartz, where he mentioned that the original timeline might not provide enough time for upgrades.

The bug that caused the setback pertains to an AMM edge case effect. Although it does not affect the stability of the ledger itself, it may prevent multiple AMM transactions from executing on the same ledger. The proposed fix aims to address this issue by ensuring that an inner object accurately identifies default fields in both the core ledger and AMM code.

“Vet,” an XRPL validator, shared earlier updates on the progress of the bug fix. They mentioned that the fix has been merged and is ready to be published in the next version of Rippled. A release candidate for Rippled 2.1, which includes the fix, has been proposed, and one to two weeks of testing are expected before the formal release.

As the conversation within the XRP community continues regarding the activation of the AMM amendment, Schwartz’s input carries significant weight. While “Vet” believed that the activation timer could start ticking soon after the release of Rippled 2.1, Schwartz differed in opinion. He emphasized that more time would be needed to ensure successful upgrades and to prevent the blocking of too many nodes. Schwartz estimated that it would take at least another week or two until the activation timer restarts.

It’s important to note that an XRPL amendment can only be activated on the mainnet if it maintains at least 80% support from trusted validators within a two-week timeframe. If support falls below 80%, the amendment is temporarily rejected, and the two-week time frame starts anew.