Santiment Reveals the Top 10 Altcoins Developers Are Focusing on on the BNB Chain Network: First Ranking is Unexpected

Santiment Unveils the Top 10 Altcoins that Developers Are Focusing on the BNB Chain Network: Surprising Results in the First Ranking

Cybersecurity firm Santiment has released a report highlighting the most popular altcoins among developers on the BNB Chain, which is supported by Binance. The evaluation was conducted by analyzing the GitHub pages of various altcoin projects, with the developer score being determined by their code contributions.

The top 10 altcoins that have garnered the most developer attention on the BNB Chain network over the past month are as follows:

1. Bitcoin BEP2 (BTCB) – 112.73
2. Dusk (DUSK) – 42.73
3. Flux (FLUX) – 22.6
4. Trust Wallet Token (TWT) – 22.1
5. Beefy.Finance (BIFI) – 20.23
6. Zigcoin (ZIG) – 16.27
7. ApeSwap Finance (BANANA) – 15.1
8. Saito (SAITO) – 11.27
9. TokenPocket (TPT) – 8.43
10. 0x (ZRX) – 4.07

It comes as a surprise that BTCB, which enables users to bridge their Bitcoins to the BNB Chain network, ranks first on the list. By locking their Bitcoins on a bridge, users can acquire BTCB tokens on the Binance network, which can then be traded at the same value as BTC. To return to the Bitcoin network, users need to burn their BTCB tokens on the bridge in exchange for their original Bitcoins.

Please note that the information provided here is not intended as investment advice.