Saudi authorities released a metaverse for the country's founding day

  • Saudi Arabia has launched a metaverse where you can learn more about the country.
  • The development was carried out by droppGroup and Oracle.
  • The platform is accessible from mobile devices, computers and supports VR.

The Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia presented the Cultural Universe project, designed to introduce users to the history of the country. Local media reported this.

Cultural Universe is a metaverse that supports, among other things, VR headsets. The project was developed in collaboration with droppGroup and Oracle.

The platform is based on the AI solution DroppGroup Generative Media Intelligence and the Oracle Hyperledger Fabric 2.5 infrastructure. The presentation of the project took place on February 22, the day of the founding of Saudi Arabia.

You can get acquainted with the metaverse on the official website. The solution is available in English and Arabic (voice only in the latter).

Gameplay takes place in first person. The user moves along the central alley, on either side of which are located various events from the history of the country.

The platform also allows you to host events. On February 22, 2024, for example, an orchestra performance was broadcast on the site.

In February 2023, the Saudi authorities entered into a partnership with The Sandbox studio.

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