Scammers target Google Ads, promote fake version of OTC crypto platform

Scammers have once again targeted Google Ads, using the platform to promote a fake version of an over-the-counter (OTC) crypto platform called Whales Market. These fake ads redirect users to a phishing website clone that steals their cryptocurrency. Despite appearing with a seemingly legitimate domain address, users who interact with the ad are directed to the fraudulent website, [], instead of the authentic []. The fake version of Whales Market mimics the interface of the real website, tricking users into linking their digital wallets, which then triggers malicious scripts that drain their crypto holdings.

This incident is part of a series of similar events where scammers have exploited Google’s platform to promote fraudulent services. For instance, an unidentified hacker previously tricked billionaire Mark Cuban into downloading a compromised version of MetaMask, resulting in the theft of nearly $900,000 worth of cryptocurrency. While the perpetrators behind this latest phishing campaign remain unknown, Google has been taking action against scammers. The company recently sued two individuals from China for using the Google Play store to deceive people into fake crypto investments.

Google’s lawsuit did not specify the names of the implicated applications, but it revealed that 87 fraudulent apps associated with the defendants had been deactivated over the past four years, with a total of nearly 100,000 worldwide downloads. This ongoing battle highlights the importance of remaining vigilant and cautious when engaging with online advertisements and platforms.