South Korean firm Com2uS to develop web3 games on Oasys blockchain

South Korean game publisher Com2uS has announced its collaboration with the Oasys blockchain project to develop web3 games. This partnership is geared towards expanding Com2uS’s web3 gaming infrastructure and entering the Japanese market. Oasys, known for its collaboration with giants such as SoftBank, Sega, and Ubisoft, will provide technical support to Com2uS and its blockchain subsidiary XPLA in establishing a new layer 2 network in compliance with local regulations in Japan. XPLA Team Lead Paul Kim stated that this collaboration will enable Com2uS to make a significant move into Japan’s gaming market and they plan to launch two Web3 games within the first half of 2024 based on globally recognized IPs. Additionally, Com2uS plans to onboard its popular game franchises, including ‘Summoners War: Chronicle’ and ‘The Walking Dead: All Stars,’ onto the Oasys network. With a market capitalization of over 605 billion Korean won ($454 million), Com2uS is positioned as a leading game developer in South Korea.