Startup Inflection AI raises $1.5 billion in investment to create “personalized” AI

  • Round led by Microsoft and Nvidia
  • Also joined by three tech billionaires
  • The company is working to create a “personal” AI
  • It is expected to be a virtual assistant available to everyone

It appears that the AI trend in the global market continues to gain momentum. Inflection AI, the startup behind the development of the Pi chatbot, has raised a total of $1.5 billion in investment. The company had a market valuation of $4 billion.

First to announce the completion of the global investment round were Forbes. The information was then confirmed by Inflection AI. Nvidia, Microsoft and three billionaires – Reid Hoffman (Linkedin), Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Eric Schmidt (Google) – invested capital in the startup.. Notably, only Nvidia was the new partner, while everyone else had already participated in the previous seed round.

CEO Mustafa Suleyman noted that the money will go to further develop the Pi chatbot.. This is how he commented on the product:

“Personalized AI will be the most revolutionary tool in our lives. This is a watershed moment.. We are excited to work with Microsoft, Nvidia, Bill and Eric, and many others to bring this vision to life.”

It is interesting that Suleiman has remained a majority shareholder. That is, the round did not “dilute” its share.

Inflection AI was launched in 2022. Its product, the Pi chatbot, is positioned as a “personal assistant. The company aims to create a universal tool that is available to the user at the household level.

This will be an AI that can be set up independently, as easily and quickly as possible. This model is also supposed to come out more “human”. But how far along the development is still unknown.</nbsp;Despite the fact that AI has caused a real boom in the venture capital market, there are many opponents of this technology. One of them, for example, is Elon Musk, which, however, does not prevent him from making money in the promising segment.