Sushi Taps Partnership with GoPlus Security to Improve Users’ Safety

Sushi, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has announced a partnership with GoPlus Security to enhance user safety in the Web3 world. This collaboration aims to address the increasing number of threats in the crypto space and demonstrates Sushi’s commitment to user security.

As part of the agreement, Sushi will integrate GoPlus Security’s Token Security API into its platform. This API will provide thorough risk assessments, detailed token information, and transaction security checks to identify and mitigate potential threats quickly. By employing GoPlus Security’s technology, Sushi can identify fraudulent tokens, such as honeypots and scams, and protect users from dangerous investments.

To ensure a secure trading environment, Sushi conducts a comprehensive security examination of each token, including in-depth analysis, transaction verifications, and risk assessments. If a token is considered dangerous, users receive instant popup warnings, allowing them to make informed decisions and avoid potential risks.

Sushi’s collaboration with GoPlus Security is just one of several measures the platform has taken to prioritize user safety. Supporters of the platform include Metamask, Polygon, LayerZero, and Arbitrium, and Sushi is committed to ongoing updates and enhancements.

GoPlus Security is well-regarded for its comprehensive security research and insights for ERC20 tokens on various networks. Through this partnership, Sushi and GoPlus Security aim to proactively identify and mitigate crypto scams, safeguarding users’ investments and reinforcing trust within the crypto community.

Security is a significant concern in the crypto sector, with hackers and fraudsters constantly targeting users. Therefore, next-generation security solutions are essential to support the industry and maintain its rapid pace of development.