Terra Founder Do Kwon Appeals Against Extradition to South Korea and US

Terra Founder Do Kwon Appeals Against Extradition to South Korea and US

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Terraform Labs co-founder, Do Kwon, has officially filed an appeal against the extradition decision of the High Court in Montenegro.

On December 6, the Montenegrin Court of Appeal confirmed that Kwon Do-hyung submitted an appeal, expressing his refusal to accept the court’s decision to extradite him, as per local media reports.

The appeal triggers a mandatory reexamination of the extradition ruling, compelling the Montenegrin Court of Appeal to review the case.

The timing of Kwon Do-hyung’s appeal introduces uncertainty into the resolution timeline, making it challenging for the Montenegrin Ministry of Justice to finalize a decision on his extradition destination before the set deadline of December 15.

Do Kwon’s Extradition to South Korea and USA

The legal saga dates back to June 15 when the Montenegrin court decided to detain Kwon Do-hyung for extradition for six months, setting the deadline for a final decision on his extradition.

The appeal comes approximately two weeks after Montenegro’s High Court approved the extradition requested by South Korea and the United States.

The court clarified that the decision did not specify whether Kwon Do-hyung would be extradited to Korea or the United States, leaving the final determination to the Montenegrin Minister of Justice.

During the extradition trial, Kwon Do-hyung expressed a desire to be extradited to Korea, according to statements from the court.

Chances of Overturning Extradition Look Slim

Despite Kwon Do-hyung’s appeal, local observers in Montenegro suggest that the chances of overturning the extradition decision are slim.

A local journalist familiar with the legal situation noted that there is a prevailing belief among Montenegrin government officials and judiciary figures that Do Kwon’’s continued detention attracts undue attention.

The Montenegrin Court of Appeal’s forthcoming decision on the extradition appeal will be closely watched as it holds the key to Do Kwon’’s potential extradition either to Korea or the United States.