The creators of the NFT-project Moonbirds signed an agreement with the Hollywood agency UTA

The co-founder of PROOF announced on social media that he is going to develop Moonbirds as a global brand, and not just a project in the Web3 space. Kevin Rose explained that the deal with major Hollywood talent agency UTA is beneficial because the agency employs 1,400 people who work in “films, music, video games, sports, books, brands and licensing, performances, marketing, art, broadcasts and more. Explaining the decision, Rose assures that UTA will work in the interests of PROOF and its Moonbirds NFT project. The announcement was supposed to act as a catalyst for bulls in the market, but in reality, Moonbirds sales fell by more than 57% per day.. However, if we take the weekly sales volume, it grew by more than 63%. The project was launched on the basis of Ethereum in April 2022 and consists of 10,000 NFT avatars with 8-bit owls. The trading volume of the project, according to CryptoSlam, reached $619.5 million. Sales figures make Moonbirds the eleventh most popular NFT collection on the market. Previously, scammers were able to take advantage of its popularity.