The people of New Zealand prefer crypto to real estate

The residents of New Zealand are increasingly favoring cryptocurrency over real estate for wealth building. They are drawn to crypto due to their lack of interest in traditional financial systems and find it more accessible than investing in real estate, which can be expensive to enter. Cryptocurrency has gained popularity across generations in New Zealand, leading to a booming crypto market in the country. Even traditional institutional investors are recognizing the potential of crypto and participating in the market. However, there is a pressing need for clear information and better education about cryptocurrency. The New Zealand government is expected to make significant changes to cryptocurrency regulations soon and should actively promote the industry. The country is striving to create an inclusive approach to digital assets, including cryptocurrency, while managing associated risks. The prevalence of crypto investment as an alternative to home ownership is increasing among New Zealand residents. Many investors are interested in allocating only a small portion of their investment to cryptocurrency. New Zealand is keeping pace with the global mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, and its citizens believe that crypto promotes equality as an investment. However, there is a need for better understanding and regulation in the crypto market, as highlighted by half of the survey participants. The people of New Zealand view cryptocurrency as a means to achieve financial freedom, signaling a detachment from traditional financial systems. With a high adoption rate and early participation in the global cryptocurrency marketplace, New Zealand is expected to witness even more massive adoption and mainstream acceptance of crypto in the future. The future of cryptocurrency revolves around simplifying the investment process, providing robust tools for investors, and enhancing security measures for investment protection. Popular payment methods in New Zealand-based crypto platforms include POLI Instant Pay, debit cards, credit cards, and local bank transfers.