UK Crime Agency Opens Cryptocurrency Desk

The UK National Crime Agency (NCA) intends to form a special team that will investigate crimes related to digital assets. The department was named the National Cybercrime Unit (NCCU) Crypto Cell. At first, the team will include five officers. The NCA stated that they intend to focus on current investigations in the cryptocurrency industry and those that still appear, requiring candidates with relevant skills and experience with new technologies.. The agency promised that the main task of the new department would not be to investigate cryptocrimes, but to prevent them. An NCA spokesman said his agency is regularly involved in international investigations related to digital assets as the industry attracts more criminals.. And the UK intends to properly study the industry and methods of combating cryptocrime. Applicants who meet NCA requirements must apply by January 10. If the candidate is approved, he will receive a salary of $48,200 to $52,400 per month. The UK may ban foreign companies from working with cryptocurrencies in the country, despite the favorable attitude of the new government towards digital currencies.