UN Security Council to hold first meeting on global AI threat

  • It has been scheduled for July 18
  • The meeting will be addressed by experts, business representatives and the UN Secretary General
  • Guterres himself advocates global regulation
  • He previously supported the CAIS findings that AI could be a threat to humanity

The UN Security Council will discuss the possible risks and threats from the global adoption of AI for the first time in history at the end of July. British Ambassador Barbara Woodward, permanent representative to the organization, confirmed this.

The meeting will be held on July 18. British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly will preside. During the meeting, the parties will be briefed by representatives of big business, experts and Secretary General António Guterres.

It is notable that the latter earlier this month supported an open appeal by the Center for AI Security (CAIS). Recall that the organization has equated the threat from AI to a Covid pandemic and even nuclear war.

“These scientists and experts have called the world to action, declaring artificial intelligence an existential (questioning existence) threat to humanity,” Guterres noted.

Also earlier, the secretary general announced the formation of an advisory council on AI within the UN. The group is expected to develop recommendations and standards for regulating the sector.

Woodworth stressed that the U.K. has a “sensible” approach. The country recognizes the vast potential of the segment, but also advocates its regulation in order to minimize possible risks. And that will require a global effort.

According to the ambassador, the prospects for using AI are enormous. In theory, this technology could help narrow the gap between affluent countries and those that are developing.