Uniswap introduced a browser extension for crypto wallets

  • The Uniswap team will launch a browser extension for cryptocurrency wallets.
  • In addition, the exchange introduced a limit order mechanism, as well as a new page with data and additional information.
  • These tools are designed to make transactions on the platform easier.

The team of the decentralized exchange Uniswap presented a browser extension for crypto wallets. The developers said that this will significantly simplify the exchange of digital assets, signing transactions and trading on the platform.

Uniswap Extension will go live in the next six weeks. To access it, clients must register in the wait queue using a username with the uni.eth domain.

In addition to the extension for cryptocurrency wallets, the platform introduced two other tools. The first is limit orders, which automatically execute a transaction when an asset reaches a certain price.

The second tool is the Data & Insight page. It displays important information for the trader, including various charts, pool data, transaction log, etc.

Limit orders and the Data & Insight page will go live on February 28, 2024 and will be available to all users.

Earlier it became known that the total Uniswap trading volume in 2023 exceeded $34 billion. According to analyst Matias Andrade, the turnover of individual pairs on the platform exceeds $100 million per month.

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