VeBetterDAO mainnet to enhance VeChain’s Web3 ecosystem

VeBetterDAO mainnet is set to revolutionize VeChain’s Web3 ecosystem, offering unparalleled sustainability and further enriching the overall mass acceptance of this innovative blockchain platform. Anticipated to launch on June 28th, 2024, the crypto community is eagerly awaiting this groundbreaking event.

The successful testnet phase of VeBetterDAO paved the way for the introduction of VeChain’s latest X-2 Earn dApp ecosystem, marking yet another milestone achievement for the company. With the participation of 18,000 B3TR holders and over 4,000 users, VeBetterDAO demonstrated its immense potential by facilitating 232,000 transactions. This exceptional success has solidified VeChain’s commitment to supporting developers through various means, including generous grants of up to $100,000 and DAO backing.

The release of VeBetterDAO mainnet will incorporate several features aimed at enhancing overall governance. According to its white paper, these enhancements will include increased rewards through an augmented outflow of B3TR tokens and the initiation of a comprehensive tokenomic framework lasting a year. Additionally, a 2 million B3TR pool will be allocated for distributing rewards to dApps and voters, further incentivizing and rewarding the connected community.

The introduction of quadratic funding and a transparent voting system will enable VeBetterDAO to establish a fair and democratic governance structure, facilitating community participation in decision-making processes. Furthermore, the governance of the treasury will be subjected to suggestions and contributions through the VeBetterDAO governance dApp.

VeChain remains committed to continually improving the VeBetterDAO platform, with plans to introduce exciting new features in the upcoming days. These developments will include a dApp registering authenticator and innovative staking schemes, further solidifying VeChain’s position as a leading force in blockchain technology.

Notably, VeChain has already made significant contributions to the blockchain industry through the creation of VeChainThor, a high-performance smart contract platform enabling real-time acceptance of blockchain technology and the tokenization of assets.

Overall, the forthcoming VeBetterDAO mainnet release holds great promise for VeChain, consolidating its position as an industry leader and propelling the global adoption of Web3 technologies.