TOP-100 Russian-speaking crypto-media ranked the most popular sites with news about cryptocurrencies. Let's compare sites in terms of traffic and try to analyze the reasons for the closure of many crypto media or the decline in the quality of their materials. When comparing cryptocurrency and blockchain news sites, it is difficult to rely on completely objective indicators for a number of reasons.. The main one is the lack of reliable verified statistics, almost no one publishes it openly.. Yes, and some instruments that are considered accurate can give a wide range of indicators.. Let's say one of the studied sites had a difference in performance between Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica systems by 10 times. This is with correctly installed counters of both services on all pages of the site. But sites almost never give such access for analysis. We have to focus on analysis systems that build statistics often on incomplete data collected from plug-ins in browsers, data from providers, popular services and other partners. Of these services, SimilarWeb is the most famous, and we will use it as the main tool.. For sites for which it does not have enough information to display, we will use the Alexa service counter values. You can check all the indicators from this material yourself on these services. The rating does not include exclusively foreign news aggregators and news publications in which news about cryptocurrencies and blockchain is not the main focus. There are publications in the rating that aggregate other people's news if their own materials were noticed. It also contains publications where the same materials are found without reference to the source, and it is difficult to determine authorship. Are there sites with inflated traffic in the list below? Yes, there is. There are different kinds of cheats, the most common ones are a direct “adding” of traffic, supposedly the reader himself opened the desired page in the browser. The second most common way is referral, when traffic comes from sites that “whiten” it, or generate artificial traffic through scam sites. You need to understand that even real traffic is different.. If crypto media has most of the traffic from search engines, is that a good thing? In theory, yes, but in practice it can be a section with jokes or a TOP of motivating phrases somewhere in the back of the site. It collects most of the search traffic and has nothing to do with cryptocurrency topics. It also happens that a site between news about cryptocurrencies inserts non-thematic articles like “5 wives of Russian oligarchs who could not find a younger replacement”. Such materials go perfectly from the feed in Yandex.Zen and attract an audience to the site. Visually, it turns out quite legitimate referral traffic from a clear source. You also need to remember that the counters often show the total traffic. For example, if the Russian-language version is a subdomain of a more global portal, then the counters can show the statistics of the portal as a whole. If the site has additional popular services, then their traffic can also be summed up. Rating is made only on the basis of indicators of counters. It may not take into account the nuances indicated above.. Also, it does not reflect the quality or quantity of materials on the site, as well as the overall quality or reputation of the resource.. It can only be used as a rough guideline for estimating overall crypto media traffic. The SimilarWeb traffic ranking indicates the amount of visits for 6 months from December to May 2020. The Alexa rating is indicated in the service's own points. The lower the number in points, the more popular the site. Let's say has a value of 1, while has 1638. TOP 10 Russian-language crypto media 10 most popular sites about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in Russian: SimilarWeb Alexa domain 1. 8.3 million 78 614 2. 2.1 million 103,396 3. 1.95 million 63,488 4. 1.87 million 218,364 5. 1.35 million 138,413 6. 1.34 million 516,022 7. 1.06 million 365,700 8. 665 thousand 548,690 9. 660 thousand 271,200 10. 655 thousand 202,444 Mainstream Largest group. This includes both fairly popular sites and sites with low traffic.. Some are much longer. Domains and hosting are regularly paid, the site works and is available. They cannot be attributed to dead projects, but also to the mainstream. Such projects are ranked lower, despite the attendance figures. Domain SimilarWeb Alexa 72. 93 thousand 1 196 142 73. 51 thousand 2 586 478 74. 25 thousand 4 164 706 75. 23 thousand 2 743 807 76. probtc .info 22k 5,119,904 77. 20k 4,665,637 78. 17k 3,361,281 79. 16k 2,176,465 80. 15k 10 840 439 81. 15 thousand 6 371 671 82. 10 thousand 1 873 554 83. 10 thousand 9 407 764 84. 9 thousand 7 028 761 85. crypto- 8 thousand 6 410 718 86. 2 thousand 9 449 819 87. 1 thousand 3 647 084 Let's remember The final list consists of sites that are no longer supported by the owners. Sites do not work for a long time or domains are for sale. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. bitlook .ru 98. 99. 100. Conclusion 2017 with a boom in ICOs and interest in cryptocurrencies created a false signal for the market that success comes to almost any site in the industry. Including news sites. In addition to existing media sites, new ones began to appear in batches.. Interest is huge, there is a lot of traffic, advertisers and agencies are lining up to buy ads. This peak is clearly visible on Google Trends: A further decline in interest led to a strong reduction in revenue. Those who could not exist in the new conditions abandoned sites, sold, repurposed, reduced the quantity or quality of materials, curtailed subprojects. Many sites began to copy other people's news for themselves, and they practically stopped publishing their own, even sites from the TOP 10 were noticed in this. One way or another, everyone had to optimize in the next three years. Someone moderated their expansion ambitions, and someone among the materials about fintech began to post custom articles on third-party topics: Blocking from Roskomnazdor is pouring milk into a jar of cucumbers, many crypto media turned out to be blocked on the territory of Russia, and this is an average of more than 60% traffic on runet. For 2020, there are no super profits in cryptocurrency media, this is the same business as all others. Traffic is relatively expensive, but compared to general media sites, it is much less. To understand the volume of traffic: only Forklog shows more than a million visits in May, 10 more sites from the rating show from one hundred thousand to one million visits, all the rest showed less than a hundred thousand visits in May. At the time of writing, the TOP-5 websites about crypto technologies in Russian in terms of traffic from SimilarWeb look like this: Forklog, Bits Media, IHODL, Cryptofeed, Coinspot.