Adebayo Tiamiyu: DeFi platform Aleo violates data storage security protocols

The Aleo blockchain platform is itself to blame for leaking some of the personal data of participants in the Aleo Learn and Earn program, an expert in cybersecurity and blockchain research announced.

We are talking about an incident that occurred on February 25, when personal data of program participants, including selfies and photographs of ID cards, was leaked online.

Adebayo Tiamiyu believes that the incident highlights the mistakes of the Aleo team in organizing the processing and storage of personal data, as well as in limiting access rights to sensitive information.

The Aleo team acknowledged the data leak and assured that the incident was due to a copy-paste error in email metadata. Aleo assured that the company conducted an investigation into the causes of the technical failure, removed the compromised information from public access and notified all victims.

According to Adebayo Tiamiyu, Aleo's acquittal raises great concerns about the effectiveness of the platform's security protocols.

In early February, cybersecurity experts at Hudson Rock discovered an advertisement on the dark web for the sale of access to the Kodex Global portal for $5,000, where confidential information is exchanged between the security services of cryptocurrency platforms like Binance or Coinbase and law enforcement agencies in different countries.