Latest Mining Pool Reports $3 Million Hack

Large mining pool reported a hack that gave hackers access to pool and client funds. The total loss amounted to about $3 million. BIT Mining, which owns the pool, reported that the hackers managed to withdraw $700,000 of client assets, and lost $2.3 million of their own funds. incident. The police have already helped the mining pool recover some of the stolen assets. “The company will continue its efforts to recover stolen digital assets. We have implemented a solution to block and counter hackers. continues to function as usual. Only a part of the clients' assets was exposed to the threat, and this threat has already been resolved, ”BIT Mining said in a statement. At the moment, occupies the 7th place in the hashrate rating – the total hashrate of the pool is about 5.8 Eh / s. It provides 2.5% of the total hashrate of the Bitcoin network. The hack was previously reported by a DeFi protocol called Raydium. The attacker managed to withdraw assets worth over $2 million.