Changpeng Zhao warned about the leakage of 3Commas platform API keys

The CEO of the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced a possible large-scale leak of the API keys of the 3Commas platform. Later, representatives of the platform confirmed the leak. Changpeng Zhao stated that he is “very sure of a large-scale hack”. At the same time, it was already reported about a possible leak of keys, but then representatives of the 3Commas trading bots platform denied the information, confirming only a phishing attack on users. Now, a 3Commas spokesperson has confirmed the leak and urged all platform users to revoke their API keys. In October, 3Commas management said that during the investigation no access to the keys was found and suggested that the leak was due to a third-party service.. Now it is also said that there is no evidence of the work of any insider. “As an immediate response, we are asking Binance, Kucoin, and other supported exchanges to revoke all 3Commas-related keys.. We apologize that the situation has gone this far and will continue to keep the public informed.. Only a small number of employees have access to the infrastructure, but from November 16 we are withdrawing their access. We have implemented new security measures and will continue to work in this direction.. A full-scale law enforcement investigation is underway,” 3Commas said in a statement. In early November, there were also several complaints against the Binance exchange that the company refused to return funds stolen from the 3Commas platform.