Hackers hacked PlayDapp gaming platform and withdrew assets worth $31 million

Experts from PeckShield have recently uncovered a shocking incident involving the unauthorized minting of 200 million PLA tokens, equivalent to approximately $31 million, on the PlayDapp gaming blockchain platform.

It appears that the perpetrators were able to exploit a vulnerability to add their own address as a minter, allowing them to transfer the stolen coins to multiple wallets. Cyber Alerts experts at Cyvers have verified this information by confirming the transfer of tokens worth nearly $6 million to the exchange.

The team at PlayDapp has acknowledged the breach and is currently conducting an investigation. As a precautionary measure, TokoCrypto and Binance, the exchanges where PLA tokens are traded, have been advised to halt all trading activities involving these tokens.

As a consequence of this incident, the price of PLA has experienced a decline of 2.2% within the day. Presently, the token is valued at approximately $0.15, according to CoinGecko.

In a separate discovery, cybersecurity specialists from Hudson Rock stumbled upon an advertisement on the darknet offering access to the Kodex Global portal for $5,000. This platform facilitates the exchange of private data amongst various security services employed by cryptocurrency platforms.