Immunefi: Losses from hacks and frauds amounted to $3.9 billion in 2022

Cryptocurrency security company Immunefi reported that 2022 was the biggest year in terms of total digital asset hacks and fraud. According to Immunefi, a total of $3.9 billion worth of assets were stolen, with the bulk of $2.36 billion stolen as a result of only 5 hacks.. In the total amount of stolen funds, the vast majority was stolen by hackers – 95.6%. Scams, rug pull schemes and other similar scams account for only 4.4% of lost funds. In total, 134 hacks were recorded in 2022, which is 22 incidents more than in 2021.. Hackers continue to attack decentralized finance projects – DeFi lost $3.18 billion, up 56.2% since 2021. Thus, the DeFi sphere lost 80.5% of the total amount of funds. Most often, hackers attacked projects on BNB Chain and Ethereum – 63.3% of funds were stolen from platforms on these blockchains. BNB Chain has 65 incidents, while Ethereum projects have been hacked 49 times. Interestingly, only 5.2% of the total funds, that is, $204 million, were returned.. The largest hacks of 2022 were attacks on the Ronin Network bridge ($625 million) and the FTX exchange (from $370 million to $400 million). Earlier, CertiK analysts warned that 2023 will be no less difficult in terms of cryptocurrency hacks and fraud – the methods have already been worked out, and the market is now in a vulnerable position.