RipplePandaXRP: Fraudsters pretend to be Ripple and lure with XPR staking

An anonymous twitter enthusiast discovered an almost indistinguishable Ripple site that offers users to stake XPR with a payback of up to 27%.

Fraudsters have become more likely to impersonate cryptocurrency companies by offering XPR cryptocurrency staking services. More often, they create fake websites of large companies like Binance or Ripple and launch bulk email campaigns, luring users with favorable conditions.

On one of these sites, a record was posted saying that XPR staking on Ripple will open in 2023. The site invites users to stake their XPR on suspiciously favorable terms with a return on investment (ROI) of 12% to 27%. At the same time, the entry states that only the first 10,000 accounts will be able to take advantage of this benefit, so everyone should hurry.

Fake website discovered by crypto activist RipplePandaXRP. According to him, the copy of the original Ripple site uses the same layout of the site, so many of the links work and in general it is difficult for an uninformed person to detect a catch.

An enthusiast shared a screenshot of an email allegedly from Binance stating that the exchange offers XPR staking through its Binance Earn program with a ROI of 31%.. In reality, the program allows you to earn only about 1.4%. RipplePandaXRP believes that this is not the only case, and scammers will spend even more time spoofing sites.

Europol recently reported on the arrest of about 200 cryptocurrency scammers operating in Europe. Basically they were engaged in fraud with investments.