Bitget Launches Spot Market Copy Trading

Bitget is upgrading its flagship product and launching copy trading on the spot market in addition to the crypto futures market. Crypto derivatives exchange Bitget became one of the first platforms to offer copy trading functionality in the spot market.. Copy trading was first launched on the platform in 2020 as the flagship product of the exchange. As of December 2022, the futures market copy trading platform Bitget had over 80,000 traders and 338,000 subscribers. Copy trading allows beginners and experienced users to synchronize their trading portfolio with professional traders to increase the chances of profit. Within copy trading, detailed information about traders' ROI, buy/sell times and portfolio is fully transparent. Users have access to the settings of the parameters “Maximum Investment”, “Stop Loss” and “Take Profit”. “Bitget was one of the first exchanges to offer copy trading in the crypto futures market in 2020 and it has remained a popular product ever since.. The success of the platform is confirmed by the numbers that have made Bitget one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms.. We are proud to be expanding the product to the spot market as this will further increase our audience and social trading offerings, as well as solidify our leading position in the crypto space,” said Gracie Chen, Managing Director of Bitget. According to Bitget, the Spot Market Copy Trading feature provides a seamless and convenient trading experience by allowing users to copy trading strategies.. Users can view the profiles of the platform's traders to select a trader based on their profit and loss, trader rating and portfolio registered in the system. As part of copy trading, subscribers' trades are automatically executed in parallel with traders' orders after they are subscribed to, and a percentage of the profit share will be charged only when profits are received from trades. This feature allows successful and experienced traders to receive passive income. Bitget previously launched a custodial wallet service for crypto assets and also introduced the MegaSwap trading tool with DeFi features..