Finnish company Membrane Finance announced the release of a Eurostablecoin

Finnish fintech company Membrane Finance has announced the launch of the EUROe stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain, the first EU-regulated digital currency pegged 1:1 to the euro..

The company assumes that the EUROe stablecoin will fill the need for users of Eurozone digital assets to offer a reliable and secure way to make transactions between individuals, companies and government institutions.

“The current global payment infrastructure has not kept pace with the needs of the modern consumer due to long settlement times, high costs and excessive human intervention.. EUROe offers a solution that enables transparent and instant payments at near zero cost, avoiding the risks and complexities associated with volatile cryptocurrencies and exchange rate differences,” explains Juha Viitala, CEO and co-founder of Membrane Finance.

The company is planning to release EUROe stablecoin pegged to several blockchains, including Solana, Polygon and Arbitrum One.

The head of Membrane Finance believes that the licensing of the issuance of EUROe stablecoins by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) will ensure its competitiveness in the digital asset market in the future. According to the banker, this is especially important in the run-up to the adoption by the European Parliament of the unified rules for regulating MiCA digital assets.