Lark Davis: “Ripple may win the lawsuit with the SEC, but I will not buy XRP”

Cryptocurrency blogger and trader believes that Ripple will win a lawsuit with a financial regulator.

Lark Davis tweeted that he still intends to refrain from buying XRP cryptocurrency. The blogger said that the first three crypto assets he bought after bitcoin were XRP, XEM and DGB. XRP has indeed stood the test of time, but if he continues to keep these coins in his investment portfolio, Davis will have to forget about restful sleep.. Despite the trader’s opinion of XRP, Ripple has been in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization for more than a decade.

As for the possible outcome of Ripple’s legal battles with the SEC, Davis’s position was supported by lawyer John Deaton, who represents the interests of XRP owners.. Lawyer Claims SEC Goes Beyond XRP Selling Allegations, Case Goes Too Far. If it is submitted to the US Supreme Court, there is no doubt that Ripple will win, the lawyer assures.

Earlier, Lark Davis questioned the potential of the SHIB meme token, saying that the rate of this coin is unlikely to ever reach even one dollar. The blogger also claimed that the Cardano blockchain is not popular among DeFi projects. The analyst has a different opinion about the ether – in 2021, Davis suggested that due to the limited supply of coins, the ETH rate could reach $10,000.