Litecoin network hashrate reaches new record


Litecoin Foundation Announces Cryptocurrency Network Hashrate Hits New Record of 886.17 Tx/s. Against this background, the LTC coin rate has grown by 7% over the past week, and since the beginning of the year, the growth has been 40%.

The rates of bitcoin and ether over the same period increased by 13.5% and 11.9%, respectively.. Also in the last week, the Litecoin network processed the 144 millionth transaction.

“The new hash rate record in the Litecoin network directly shows the stable, healthy and high-quality growth of the ecosystem, and also highlights the security of the network,” the Litecoin Foundation tweeted.

Litecoin hashrate growth may have contributed to Dogecoin hashrate growth. This cryptocurrency is based on the Litecoin code and miners can mine both coins at the same time without the need for additional computing resources.

Interestingly, despite the growth in the rate and the influx of new miners, the number of active addresses in the network of this coin has decreased over the past week.. This is a negative sign for cryptocurrency. However, other indicators, such as MVRV, as well as EMA indicators and Bollinger Bands, speak in favor of the growth of the LTC rate.

In January, BIT Mining announced the release of a new miner for mining Litecoin and Dogecoin.. The model was named LD3.