Turkish automaker Togg to launch digital asset management platform

Turkish automaker Togg has entered into an agreement with Metaco to build a digital asset storage platform for its Avalanche-based open ecosystem.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform created to bring smart contract capabilities to Togg car buyers in Turkey and Europe. The system allows you to tokenize various services, including evaluating automotive CO2 emissions, and also allows you to own non-fungible tokens. To store these assets, the Metaco Harmonize platform will be used.

“Blockchain-based digital tokens allow you to store and quickly transfer data or assets – safely and environmentally. Using Metaco technology, we make this possible,” announced Togg CEO Gurcan Karakas.

Metaco platform uses IBM cloud technologies. Harmonize will give Togg full control over its encrypted data and keys. It meets all the requirements for working with digital assets for Tier 1 banks.

The creation of services for electric vehicles Togg based on the Avalanche blockchain was announced at the beginning of 2021.