Undeads – Revolutionizing P2E Gaming with a Balanced and Engaging Economy

Undeads’ mission is to revolutionize the world of P2E gaming by introducing groundbreaking standards that grant players true autonomy, ownership, and diverse earning prospects within the blockchain universe.

This distinctive MMORPG is imbued with the full spectrum of Web3 advantages, and its Metaverse presents players with a vast array of unique in-game interactions, reward systems, and features that set it apart from other games of its genre.

Players can explore the game’s post-apocalyptic realm on their own or join forces with fellow characters to embark on missions, vanquish foes, and undertake quests, making for an unparalleled gaming experience.


Balanced game economy

Crafting a balanced and efficient game economy is a challenging and intricate process that requires meticulous attention to detail, player participation, and equilibrium. Undeads’ development team acknowledges the complexity of this process and the need for balance and stability to motivate players while preventing inflation.

To achieve this goal, the team prioritized the balance between inflation and deflation as a critical element when creating the game’s economy. By implementing a system that prevents an oversupply of resources and items, the team ensures that the economy remains stable and efficient, thereby safeguarding the value of in-game assets.

What sets Undeads apart from other games in the same genre is its extensive array of monetizable mechanics and interactions, providing players with a multitude of opportunities to earn rewards and in-game currency.

This unique feature not only makes the game interesting and engaging but also profitable in the long run. The development team is confident that this innovative approach will set their game apart from others in the same market, ultimately creating a more exciting and dynamic gaming experience for players.


Partner contribution

The creation and implementation of a game economy is a highly collaborative effort that requires input from multiple sources. The Undeads team recognizes this and is collaborating with BrightNote and, two leading companies in tokenomics and game economy design.

Through this partnership, the team can leverage’s expertise to test the balance of the game economy and eliminate any vulnerabilities or imbalances.

The Undeads team acknowledges that feedback and player data are critical to maintaining a healthy and stable gaming economy. To address this, they will closely monitor economic flows and make necessary adjustments to improve the balance.

They will also use the software to check the state of the game’s economy, identifying any potential issues that may arise.

To prevent inflation and deflation, the team has taken steps such as blocking all rewards across contracts for up to 48 months after token creation, limiting the total supply to 250 million tokens, and more.

Designing an in-game economy that strikes a balance between stability and player engagement is a crucial aspect of game development, and the Undeads team has developed unique functionality in collaboration with industry experts.

They will monitor player feedback and data to take proactive measures against inflation and deflation, ultimately creating an attractive, prosperous, and balanced gaming economy for its players.

In addition to the game’s core elements, the team plans to introduce virtual reality components that allow players to engage in a range of activities, including pet competitions, car races, pool or poker games, and even fishing. These activities will be tracked in the blockchain, and the results will reflect on the leaderboard.

The beta version of Undeads is slated for release in the fourth quarter of 2023, but early investors can purchase unique NFTs and in-game tokens before then, according to the white paper of the project. Starter Potion Packs will be available for sale starting February 23rd, allowing players to start their journey in the Undeads game with a boost.