Undeads: zombie apocalypse metaverse

A former PayPal executive has led the development of a P2E game and a metaverse that will immerse users in a post-apocalyptic world where the remnants of humanity survive against zombies.

The Metaverse and Play-to-Earn (“play and earn”) games market continues to grow despite the ongoing crypto winter. According to CoinMarketCap, the market capitalization of some games’ instrumental tokens exceeds $1 billion, and the daily trading volume of P2E tokens is about $1.3 billion as of early February.

And although the growth rate of the P2E games market has slowed down this year, new projects continue to appear, offering not only a game with the opportunity to earn money, but also a metaverse with elements of virtual reality.. One of these projects is, whose creators promise maximum immersion in the post-apocalyptic world on the Unreal Engine.

Zombie apocalypse “GTA level”

Undeads is a multiplayer MMORPG with various income-generating mechanics that allow you to earn tokens by playing and interacting with other players. The project is a survival game in a post-apocalyptic metaverse with a focus on resource-based conflict between two factions: zombies and humans. Players must explore new territories, defend their settlements, mine resources, create and upgrade equipment, trade, learn a profession, and develop their NFT character.

Screenshot from the official trailer for the P2E game is led by one of Paypal's former top executives, Leo Kahn, backed by a team of experienced game developers, designers and artists.. At the World Blockchain Summit 2022, which took place in Bangkok last December, Kan stated that Undeads wants to overcome the problems of most P2E games: poorly designed game economy, low graphics and player engagement.. According to Kan, these problems prevent P2E games from breaking out of the “rabbit hole” and reaching the level of traditional games.

Screenshot from the official trailer for the P2E game

According to the CEO of the project, the developers of Undeads are creating a “GTA-level” game that will combine amazing gameplay, well-thought-out economy and balanced tokenomics, a high level of sound design and augmented reality elements.. The game consists of two parts – MMORPG on the Unity engine and a metaverse with built-in mini-games and VR support on the Unreal Engine.

More than 60 people from 8 countries are working on the creation of the game. In addition to its own team, Undeads also has a wide network of world-class partners, including Warner Bros.. и Wabi Sabi Sound. The project advisory team includes blockchain experts, game development studios and marketing agencies.

As of February 2023, game development is 51% complete. According to the project roadmap, the beta version of the game will be released in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Characters and Items

The concept of the game is familiar to us from numerous films and games about the zombie apocalypse: a virus breaks out of a secret laboratory that turns people into monsters whose purpose of existence is to quickly find a piece of human for a snack. However, the virus does not turn everyone into zombies – part of the population has innate immunity, and some managed to get a dose of an experimental vaccine.. True, this vaccine turns some people into mutants – they partially lose their human appearance, acquiring super-powers.

Thus, there are three types of characters in the game: zombies of various kinds (including female zombies who can reproduce as zombie children), humans, and mutants.. Players can engage in battles with each other, build different types of buildings, gather and even get pets. All items in the game, including characters, are represented as NFTs with dynamic metadata containing information about the durability of the item or the health level of the character. As in classic RPGs, the character can be improved by buying or obtaining various types of weapons and ammunition.. Players can also craft their own items if they manage to collect the required ingredients.

Various vehicles are available to players, which, in addition to increasing the speed of movement around the map and reducing the likelihood of being eaten by zombies, also make it possible to use a car or other vehicle as storage for items.

After adding virtual reality elements to the game, players will be able to organize competitions between their pets, participate in car races, play pool or poker, and even go fishing. Undeads VR Social Hub members will gain or lose points depending on the result of the match. The results of each game are stored in the blockchain and reflected in the leaderboard.

To start playing, the user will need to purchase a Mystery Box or Legendary Box containing various types of “potions”. If the box has not been unpacked, the player can put it up for sale on the internal marketplace or exchange it for another box. You can buy a box for ETH by connecting one of the supported wallets to the game, for example, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Trezor or Ledger.


Undeads supports three types of tokens:

  1. UDS – management token based on the ERC-20 standard. Can be used to breed zombies, on the game's internal marketplace, and also for voting within the DAO. Token distribution occurs through ICO/IEO/IDO. The total offer is 250 million tokens.

  2. UGOLD – instrumental token. Used as an in-game currency to purchase goods, upgrades and earn rewards. Can be obtained as part of pair staking (UDS+NFT) or earned in the game. The offer of the token is not limited, it depends on the activity and demand of the players.

  3. NFT for in-game items – zombies, weapons, etc., based on ERC-1155 and ERC-721 standards. Can be bought or crafted in the game.

General supply and distribution of the UDS token according to the project tokenomics.

Among the partners of the second-level blockchain project Immutable, on which Undeads plan to launch the game. The Ethereum ERC-1155 and ERC-721 standards allow a smart contract to track ownership of a token on an individual level: each asset has a unique identifier and can be stored as metadata.

NFT Undeads Airdrop Calendar

The value of UDS and UGOLD tokens depends on the user base of the game. The UDS token is required to unlock key game features, as well as to allow the user to join the DAO and participate in community voting to select the most requested future developments and gameplay updates.. The larger the user base of the game, the higher the demand for UDS tokens.

UDS holders will receive rewards for holding and staking the token. According to the token distribution schedule, 50 million UDS tokens are allocated for staking rewards for 48 months. The received tokens can be used in the game to unlock or purchase certain features or items, as well as upgrade characters.

The Undeads white paper describes the developers' far-reaching plans, and Leo Kahn does not exclude that in the future the project may transform into a P2E game development studio that will not be inferior to traditional games.. The success of the undertaking depends on the developers and whether they can create a truly high-quality gameplay that will take the GameFi industry a step further and compete with the traditional games market.