Arizona Senator Introduces Bill to Recognize Bitcoin as Legal Tender

A member of the Arizona Senate from the Republican Party proposed that local legislators make amendments to give the first cryptocurrency the status of legal tender in the state.

Wendy Rogers' proposal is part of a package of broader legislative changes. This includes prohibiting local authorities from taxing the use of blockchain technology, as well as allowing state authorities to accept cryptocurrency as a method of paying fines, rent, taxes, and any other fees.

The bills were co-sponsored by Senator Rogers' Republican colleagues Jeff Weninger and Javan Mesnard (J. Mesnard).

A year ago, with a Democratic majority in the State Senate, Wendy Rogers introduced a similar bill, but it was defeated.. Now the situation has changed, and the majority is for the Republicans. If all party members support the bill, it could be passed without the support of the Democrats.

The other day, the President of El Salvador on Twitter criticized the “traditional media” for not reporting on the fulfillment of all international obligations by his country on the public debt.. Nayib Bukele said that after the adoption of bitcoins as legal tender, numerous foreign media vied with one another predicting El Salvador's inevitable bankruptcy, but they were wrong.