Edward Snowden: “Bitcoin is the greatest achievement in the history of money”

An ex-CIA operative who has been residing in Russia since 2013 has hailed Bitcoin as a groundbreaking achievement in the financial system, comparable to the invention of money and exchange media.

Edward Snowden firmly believes that Bitcoin’s decentralized nature is gradually reshaping traditional forms of currency, including physical notes and coins. By offering users freedom from centralized state control, Bitcoin is revolutionizing the financial landscape.

Snowden’s interest in the first cryptocurrency is well-documented. During the Super Bowl, he humorously stated on social media, “While everyone watches the Super Bowl, I’m keeping an eye on the Bitcoin chart.”

Previously, the former CIA agent applauded the introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the United States. Snowden believes that these exchange-traded funds could have been available in the country ten years ago. He suggests that when policymakers understand that supporting cryptocurrencies also safeguards pension funds and retirement accounts, their stance on congressional policy might improve.

Although Eden Snowden is an advocate for Bitcoin, he believes that the cryptocurrency’s privacy can be enhanced. Several years ago, he praised Zcash, an anonymous cryptocurrency that ensures untraceable transactions and unidentifiable amounts transferred.