Jamie Dimon: “Governments should be held accountable for the losses of cryptocurrency investors”

The CEO of investment bank JPMorgan again criticized Bitcoin and said that the collapse of FTX should prompt officials to develop regulation of crypto assets as soon as possible.. Jamie Dimon did not miss the opportunity to once again express his negative attitude towards bitcoin, calling in an interview cryptocurrency a decentralized Ponzi scheme that is increasingly being promoted among the people and is in great demand.. According to the head of JPMorgan, people will soon write hundreds of books about stolen crypto assets. “Cryptocurrencies brought people to hysterics. Many have suffered because of them: pensioners, low-income people… And it's a shame. Governments should be responsible for protecting investors,” Dimon rages. He cited Chainalysis analysts as an example, according to which weekly losses related to the situation with FTX amounted to $ 9 billion.. The banker believes that regulators should have amended the regulatory framework about cryptocurrencies immediately after the emergence of a new type of asset in order to protect investors. Many legislators and regulators have already begun to work on the issue, and for governments that have not yet thought about it, the time has come to begin this task, the JPMorgan CEO is convinced. Jamie Dimon is known for his bitcoin skepticism, as he considers BTC a worthless asset.. However, Dimon has previously said that, despite his personal opinion on the first cryptocurrency, he is not going to impose his position on JPMorgan clients who are interested in investing in cryptocurrency products.