Lark Davis: “Ethereum can outperform Bitcoin”

A well-known crypto blogger and trader announced on his social networks that the number of bitcoin and ether holders has increased significantly over the past year.

Lark Davis assures that the number of ETH holders grew by 263% in 2022, while the number of BTC holders rose only by 20%. From this, the expert concludes that Ethereum turned out to be better than Bitcoin.

Although Ethereum's growth in the number of holders has been more significant than that of Bitcoin, the latter is still preferred by institutional investors, some commentators responded to Davis.

According to the TradingView website, both cryptocurrencies have risen in price over the past day.. BTC up 1.61% and ETH up 2.32%. Bitcoin has been in a growth phase for several weeks now.. This allowed the price of the first cryptocurrency to rise above the resistance level in the $21,400 region and turn it into a support level.

For further growth, Ethereum needs to overcome the resistance level around $1,700.

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