Matei Jacques: The financial independence that Bitcoin gives is more important than its price

The new CEO of hardware crypto wallet provider Trezor said that bitcoin can compete with traditional financial systems, and its price is not as important as it is commonly believed. Matej Zak stated that the financial independence offered by bitcoin is much more important than its market value. According to the CEO, in 2023 there will be a consolidation of the cryptocurrency market, and then a bullish trend, which Trezor plans to prepare for. Trezor will continue to focus on the ease of use of bitcoin in 2023, says the head of the company. Since cryptocurrencies are often perceived as complex technical tools, they should be made as simple as possible for users.. The company considers the main cryptocurrency not a complex tool, but rather a simple technology with great potential. “Once you start looking at bitcoin in a broader context, it will become clear to you that this technology provides financial self-sufficiency.. At the same time, you will understand that its price is secondary, ”says the head of Trezor. Matei Jacques is confident that bitcoin can easily compete with large traditional financial systems. Potential users should be shown the ease of use of cryptocurrency, and then more people and developers will enter the industry. Trezor reported that the collapse of the FTX crypto exchange increased the company's sales by 300%, as users lost confidence in centralized cryptocurrency platforms.