Peter Brandt: “Bitcoin will reach $200,000 – and I know when”

Factor's CEO and crypto trader revised his fall 2025 target price forecast for Bitcoin, raising the upper limit from $120,000 to $200,000.

Peter Brandt tweeted that the forecast for the future price jump of Bitcoin has changed upward due to the BTC price breakout above $57,000. The breakthrough took the flagship cryptocurrency beyond the 15-month channel.

Peter Brandt bases his optimistic forecast for September next year around the upcoming Bitcoin halving, as well as the imbalance in market demand and supply of BTC. The businessman also relies on the conclusions of other experts who expect upward dynamics in the digital asset market in the medium term.

Events surrounding the upcoming halving have led the market into a speculative overexcitement and created favorable conditions for aggressive, near-vertical price rallies similar to those observed after previous halvings.

The day before, the information and analytical portal CoinMarketCap provided data that on Monday, February 26, the market capitalization of the first cryptocurrency reached $1.046 trillion – for the first time since December 2021.