Research: 82% of dollar millionaires are interested in cryptocurrencies

According to the consulting firm deVere Group, 82% of dollar millionaires surveyed were interested in investing in digital currencies, including bitcoin.

The survey invited deVere Group clients with assets ranging from $1.2 million to $6.1 million to participate.. As it turned out, 8 out of 10 respondents were interested in investing in cryptocurrencies over the past year.

Nigel Green, CEO and founder of the company, noted that usually millionaires are quite conservative in their investments.. But the fact that 82% of those surveyed were interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is very significant.. This suggests that the benefits of BTC are becoming apparent even to conservative investors.

This is not the first survey among deVere's wealthy clients. And every study shows an increase in interest in crypto-investments in this group of respondents.

“January 2023 could be the best for Bitcoin since 2013. Investors believe inflation has already peaked and monetary policy will ease. In addition, the cryptocurrency industry has experienced quite a lot of shocks and now investors are waiting for a quieter and more favorable period.. Since the beginning of the year, the first cryptocurrency has grown by 40% and this does not go unnoticed by wealthy investors,” Nigel Green emphasized.

In October, Green reported that large and long-term investors are unlikely to be deterred from investing by the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.