Trader made a new forecast that previously predicted the fall of cryptocurrencies

DonAlt suggests that the BTC uptrend looks like a repeat high and low. When each subsequent peak is higher, this can be called a sign of a continuation of the trend.At the end of 2022, a Crypto analyst accurately predicted the bottom of the crypto market. Gave forecasts for the new year, updated his forecast after the increase in the price of bitcoin that occurred at the beginning of 2023.German trader DonAlt announced to his Twitter followers that those who short bitcoin could go bankrupt. DonAlt believes that the BTC uptrend looks like a series of peaks and valleys. When each subsequent peak is higher than the previous one, this can be interpreted as a sign of a continuation of the trend. On his Twitter Feb. 11, the trader wrote, “I was away for a week and all I saw was a group of people proudly shorting with a higher bottom,” the trader wrote on Feb. 11. DonAlt added that it would take a big enough pullback to change his mind.

As long as the trader believes the bull run continues: “All I don’t want to see is a massive downturn. Let’s say if we get to $20,000 or $19,000, then those are the marks where I start to worry that my thesis is wrong. Bitcoin, of course, can easily rise after , but I will consider that I made a mistake that will most likely make me sell. Anything above $20,000 or $19,000 until it knocks me out of my position.” On the afternoon of Sunday, February 12, Bitcoin is trading at $21,817. Earlier, in January, the rates of BTC and many altcoins went up.