Bataan authorities, together with nChain, will launch a blockchain platform for the provision of public services

The authorities of the Philippine province of Bataan have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with nChain to create a blockchain platform that will be used to provide public services to the population.

Bataan Governor Joet Garcia said the MoU is in line with the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Public Service Delivery Act of 2018. Blockchain technology will help the government optimize its existing systems and procedures, increasing the efficiency of government operations, Garcia said.

He added that the partnership with nChain will greatly benefit local citizens by providing them with fast and secure access to government services online.. The Governor emphasized that the blockchain will increase the transparency of operations, ensure the reliable storage of information and its protection from unauthorized access.. The implementation of this project will begin in the coming months.

“We are confident that this strategic alliance will open up many innovative opportunities in the future,” said Garcia.

nChain Chairman Stefan Matthews noted that the company is committed to partnering with countries to digitally transform their economies.. By entering into an agreement with the authorities of Bataan to provide a blockchain-based solution, nChain will help improve the quality of delivery of state and municipal services to the local population.

Note that the blockchain began to be used to optimize government operations a few years ago.. In 2020, Anhui province in China began implementing the technology to collect and share government data more quickly, and last year, California lawmakers began to explore the use of blockchain in employment and social security.