BGA: The P2E model is losing favor with developers

The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), an organization dedicated to promoting blockchain in games, has published a report in which it presented the results of a survey of representatives of projects related to the blockchain.

The survey involved 347 specialists from 252 projects and companies; most of the respondents are young and adult men working in senior positions in blockchain companies.

One of the interesting results, according to BGA experts, was the attitude of respondents to the “play to earn” (P2E) model. If the 2021 survey showed that more than 67% of respondents considered P2E to be the engine for the development and implementation of games on the blockchain, then in the new study, experts found a reduction in this number to 22.5%.

P2E has been replaced by improved gameplay. This factor is now considered the most important for the adoption of blockchain games in 2023, with 35% of respondents saying so.

The crisis in the cryptocurrency market has shifted the priorities of developers, who will now focus more on the quality of the experience, and not appeal to the desire of users to earn. Moreover, most of the projects focused on P2E are simple, even primitive, therefore they no longer receive such funding.. Investors have become smarter, and competition in the blockchain gaming market has increased.

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