Bitboy Crypto: “More projects will leave the Solana ecosystem”

NFT platform DeGods and y00ts project announced the transition from the Solana blockchain to alternative networks. YouTube channel owner Bitboy Crypto believes that the Solana ecosystem is already dead. Launched in October 2021, the DeGods platform team confirmed plans to migrate from Solana to the Ethereum blockchain. Side project y00ts will also move to another network, Polygon. The migration of both projects should take place in the first quarter of 2023. The decision to move DeGods and y00ts from one network to another comes at a turbulent time for Solana, as the network was backed by FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, now accused of fraud. Since the beginning of the year, the SOL coin rate has fallen by more than 94%, and over the past 30 days, SOL has lost about 19.7% of its value and is trading at $11.16. A few months ago, SOL was in the top 5 crypto assets by market capitalization, and now the coin is trying to stay in 16th place. The owner of a YouTube channel with 1.45 million subscribers Bitboy Crypto Ben Armstrong suggested that even more cryptocurrency projects will leave the Solana ecosystem in the near future. Thus he responded to a Twitter user who wrote that the Solana network is dead, and Ethereum and Polygon create more opportunities for growth.. Overall, user sentiment towards Solana remains negative, as evidenced by a survey released by Bitboy Crypto.. According to the survey, 70% of respondents believe that the Solana network is lifeless. Solana Labs co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko expressed regret about this. He wrote that it would be great if NFT projects focused on this particular blockchain.. However, Yakovenko believes that Solana’s push to conquer new frontiers could attract many other curious users to the ecosystem. In November, Tether moved $1 billion worth of USDT stablecoins from the Solana blockchain to Ethereum. The reason was the difficulties that Solana faced after the collapse of FTX.