Ericsson and Batelco launch blockchain data storage platform


Telecommunications giants Ericsson and Batelco have launched the Ericsson Customer Acceptance (ECA) enterprise blockchain-based platform for storing customer data.

Ericsson GCC Vice President Nicolas Blixell said that the use of the blockchain has significantly reduced the time to receive applications from customers (up to 42%), and also accelerated the sending and confirmation of documentation. Clients of companies do not need to be present at the office, since the data is processed on the platform in real time, and all information is securely stored on the blockchain in an unchanged form. In addition, the parties involved can transparently track the business operations of companies, which increases customer confidence.

Rashed Mohamed, head of Batelco’s technology development department, noted that the companies have been cooperating for over 40 years, and both are interested in blockchain implementation.. Batelco and Ericsson executives will continue to explore how this technology can be used to meet customer needs.

“Batelco is ready to implement technological innovations to increase the efficiency of its work. Blockchain has simplified our daily activities and accelerated business operations, so communication with customers has become much more efficient,” added Mohamed.

Blockchain is often used to store and share data. Last year, the international payment system SWIFT began to cooperate with the American fintech company Symbiont to create a blockchain platform for the exchange of corporate data.