A resident of Tobolsk lost 5.6 million rubles while trying to make money on cryptocurrency

The prosecutor's office of the Tyumen region reported on the victim of a local resident who transferred money to accounts indicated by fraudsters.

A resident of Tobolsk tried to invest in cryptocurrencies, but trusted the unknown and lost 5.6 million rubles. The woman did not suspect that in fact the funds are not going to the purchase of digital assets, but to the accounts of criminals. A criminal case has been initiated on fraud on a large scale.

In total, from January 30 to February 5, such scammers received more than 40 million rubles from residents of the Tyumen region, the prosecutor's office complains.

Representatives of the Tyumen supervisory authority have warned novice investors that scammers posing as sellers of cryptocurrencies can be very persuasive and persistent, and also master the techniques of psychological pressure.

It was recently reported that a resident of Maykop lost 1 million rubles while trying to invest in digital assets. And a Bulgarian businessman lost $500,000 when an “investment advisor” convinced a wealthy man to send money to accounts in various banks scattered around the world from Europe to Hong Kong.