Airdrop Alert for Cardano (ADA) Holders: What’s to Know?

Airdrop Alert for Cardano (ADA) Holders: What’s to Know?

Cryptocurrency analysis company Layergg recently confirmed an upcoming airdrop in the Cardano ecosystem and identified ADA as a token to watch.

At the 2023 Cardano Summit, it was announced that ADA holders would receive a DUST airdrop from Midnight Network. This announcement sparked interest among investors and enthusiasts alike.

Midnight is known as a partner chain of Cardano. It uses a modular framework and Substrate Stack that uses smart contracts as replicated state machines.

According to analysts, Midnight will use zero knowledge technology to protect data, a theme shaped by DUST. The Midnight devnet was launched on November 13 and is currently testing the DUST test token (tDUST). According to analysts, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has also publicly supported Midnight many times.

According to analysts, although the Airdrop has been confirmed, the exact timing has not been announced yet. This period may vary between 3-6 months. Additionally, the price of ADA has already gone up, which could impact potential returns from the airdrop, according to Layergg.

*This is not investment advice.