Anatoly Aksakov: “Taxes for miners will not differ from taxes for other businesses”

The Chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market said that the government does not plan to tax cryptocurrency miners with an increased tax after the legalization of this type of business.

Anatoly Aksakov stressed that while the bill on the legalization of mining in Russia is under consideration by the government and the initiative group has not yet received a response. But, the authors-deputies expect, the adoption of the bill will take place already in the spring session.

“All the rates, which are, are such and will be valid for an analogue of a single tax on imputed income or income tax. Nothing special, the same business, so the rates should be the same as for everyone. If on imputed income, then the form of business registration is entrepreneurship without forming a legal entity … Everything is within the framework of the tax system. And if the miner is registered as an individual entrepreneur, then he will pay as an individual entrepreneur, ”Aksakov’s story.

Earlier, the founder of the BlockGeeks platform and adviser to the Ethereum Foundation, Vladislav Martynov, said that the bills to legalize cryptocurrencies in Russia are stillborn and pursue goals that are far from encouraging innovation.