Wall Street Memes Launch Discord Hack Relief Fund to Compensate Victims of October Cyber Attack

Wall Street Memes Launch Discord Hack Relief Fund to Compensate Victims of October Cyber Attack

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Today the team at Wall Street Memes airdropped funds from its Discord Hack Relief Fund to compensate community members who fell victim to fraudsters who briefly took over the WSM Discord server.

All compensation claims submitted by November 17 will have the funds from compromised wallets refunded on a 1:1 basis.

The Discord server attack took place on October 12, leading to community members being bombarded by scammers posing as official team members.

Unfortunately, all those who followed the scammers’ instructions and interacted with the fraudulent address had their funds stolen.

Wall Street Memes moved quickly to shut down the coordinated cyber attack and restore confidence in the project. Understandably the security breach did lead some in the community to panic but the swift announcement of a compensation scheme settled nerves.

The relief fund has disbursed $46,000 worth of $WSM to all those affected by the hack. The airdrop can be seen on Etherscan at the following address:

Community members have been posting on Telegram to confirm receipt of the funds in their new wallets and to thank the team for its prompt action to compensate victims.

One compensated victim, Punyemas, commented on Telegram, “I have received the compensation due to discord hack, nice one team WSM and more power, to the moon”

In the 48 hours following the attacks the WSM team was able to carry out extensive research to get to the bottom of the attack vector and to set up a claims portal for compromised wallet addresses, supplying the community with straightforward and easy-to-follow instructions for making a claim.

The largest compensation claim was $6,600.60 and the smallest $8.17.

Wall Street Memes loyalty and affiliate programs provide added value for $WSM token holders

Wall Street Memes Casino was launched in the weeks prior to the hack. Such has been the success of the project, it has attracted imitators and scammers.

The project is on a mission to monetize the meme stocks movement, by building a virally infused crypto community that leverages Web3 technology to level the playing field for the ordinary Joe and Jill up against Wall Street.

Its Wall Street Memes Casino is the first major product release and has been met with great enthusiasm by its one-million strong online community.

This month the team has started rolling out the value-add for $WSM token holders.

The Wall Street Memes Casino Loyalty Program is live, enabling casino wagerers and players to be rewarded with perks. While all accepted cryptocurrencies are eligible for the perks, $WSM gets preferential treatment, allowing players to earn up to double the rewards on their exclusive tier.

There are also special daily, weekly and streak missions available.

Each user has their own personalized loyalty dashboard which can be accessed by clicking the star icon in the top right of the casino view.

Next up will be the Wall Street Casino Affiliate Program. The team is putting the finishing touches to the program, but it can be revealed that eligible affiliates will be able to earn up to 40% of Net Gaming Revenue on every referral customer sent to the Casino.

The price of $WSM is 3% higher today at $0.0202.As news of the airdrop ripples out it will reinforce growing confidence in the project’s ability to deliver value to its token holders.

Gaming is one of the most lucrative sectors in crypto and $WSM is making good on its stated aim of sharing the profits with the ‘little guys’.

The affiliate program launches next week, according to our sources. In the meantime, if you haven’t already. Take a spin of the roulette wheel or maybe you’ve already had a wager, such as on last night’s basketball. Did you back the winners between Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat?

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— Wall St Memes Casino (@wsmcasino) November 22, 2023