ATOR Protocol Announces Chief Infrastructure Collaboration with Streamr Network

ATOR Protocol, the crypto project known for enhancing The Onion Router’s functionality, has announced a new collaboration with Streamr Network, a decentralized platform for data broadcasting. This collaboration aims to advance the infrastructure of both platforms.

The partnership between ATOR Protocol and Streamr was announced on social media, where ATOR Protocol described Streamr as a data transaction DePIN. DePIN projects utilize blockchain technology to operate real-world hardware infrastructure in a decentralized manner, often incorporating token reward mechanisms to incentivize network development.

Streamr’s main function is to broadcast data streams to multiple subscribers, making it an ideal complement to ATOR Protocol’s privacy network. The collaboration offers several benefits to both platforms. Streamr’s services and technology based on UDP (User Datagram Protocol) will be supported by ATOR Protocol, and ATOR Protocol plans to leverage Streamr’s Operator Node discovery forum to decentralize directory authorities. This feature of decentralization is expected to drive further adoption of the platform.

In terms of privacy, the partnership allows ATOR Protocol to enhance its privacy features and explore privacy-as-a-service options for Streamr consumers. ATOR Protocol expressed its excitement about collaborating with prominent builders to expand the utilization of its network and promote decentralization.

Overall, this collaboration between ATOR Protocol and Streamr Network has the potential to advance infrastructure, decentralization, and privacy in the crypto space.