Australia and Poland overtake El Salvador in the number of installed cryptomats

El Salvador lost its position as the fourth largest country in terms of the number of crypto ATMs, giving way to Australia and Poland, according to Coin ATM Radar, an observer of the crypto ATM network. As part of the campaign to bitcoinize the economy of El Salvador, the government of the country installed 212 crypto ATMs. At the initial stage, this allowed El Salvador to enter the top three, after the USA and Canada. However, during 2022, Spain joined the race, managing to take third place in the ranking with 273 cryptomats.. Then Australia, which deployed 99 cryptomats in the shortest possible time and ousted El Salvador from the fourth position. The total number of devices in Australia has reached 225 units. Poland did not lag behind the leaders – by the beginning of 2023, 222 cryptomats were installed in the country. Thus, in about a year, El Salvador dropped from the third position in the ranking to the sixth. Earlier, Crypto Presales presented statistics on cryptomats installed around the world.. Experts believe that this year the number of new devices will be less than in the past, due to the protracted crisis in the market.