Binance executive who fled Nigeria was arrested in Kenya

The regional manager of the Binance crypto exchange for Africa, who escaped from custody in Nigeria, was located in Kenya and subsequently apprehended by local authorities and Interpol.

Authorities from the International Criminal Police Organization, in collaboration with their Kenyan counterparts, successfully tracked down fugitive Nadeem Anjarwalla at the behest of Nigerian law enforcement agencies.

The Kenyan government has already initiated the process of extraditing the high-ranking executive of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange back to Nigeria, where he will face trial. A final decision on extradition is anticipated to be reached by the conclusion of this week.

Nigerian authorities allege that two Binance executives, including Anjarwalla, are implicated in a staggering $35 million money laundering scheme and tax evasion. Furthermore, Anjarwalla’s attempt to evade justice and go into hiding is considered an admission of guilt.

Court proceedings in the Nigerian government’s lawsuit against Binance executives for money laundering and tax evasion are set to resume on May 2.

Anjarwalla fled Nigeria in late March while he and his colleague Tigran Gambaryan were being held under the surveillance of an African country’s intelligence services at a guest house. Local authorities have leveled multimillion-dollar extortion claims against Binance, holding them responsible for the devaluation of the national currency.